First OEPS project report is published

The OEPS advisory forum on 19th March is fast approaching so this seems like the ideal time to publish our first ‘OEPS project report’ which gives details of what the project team have done in the first 10 months of the project. We continually review what we are doing as we embed evaluation into all strands of project activity, so compiling the report for the recent OEPS Steering Group meeting gave us a good opportunity to collate all our activities into one place and reflect on progress so far.

The report includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Developing a network and sharing practice
  3. Developing a Scottish hub for Open Educational Practice
  4. Developing case study examples and achieving the research outputs
  5. Supporting the development of new content and new practice
  6. Learning from the practices and approaches associated with already existing OER
  7. Open Badges, BOCs and transitions
  8. The Scottish Open Education Declaration
  9. Emerging patterns and challenges

The report also includes a list of the current active partners and a reminder of the project outputs.

You can download and read the first OEPS project report at

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