OEPS poster at OER15

OEPS poster for OER15

OEPS poster for OER15

PDF of A3_OER15_oeps_poster

At the OER15 conference in Cardiff on 14th and 15th April the OEPS project is presenting a couple of short papers and a poster.  The poster (736) shows the intersection between the various project strands.  This is accompanied by a short presentation and paper on the project (696).  In addition a small pilot project exploring the use of openly licenced content in secondary schools in the West Highlands of Scotland during December 2014 is reported on in a short paper and presentation (726) which is also affiliated with the OEPS project.

You can find the OEPS project contributions (abstracts and full papers) to OER15 on the OER15 website:

Promise of OER – Opening Educational Practices in Scotland – poster https://oer15.oerconf.org/sessions/promise-of-oer-opening-educational-practices-in-scotland-736/

Opening Educational Practices in Scotland – short paper https://oer15.oerconf.org/sessions/opening-educational-practices-in-scotland-696/

Open Science happens somewhere: exploring the use of Science OER in schools – short paper https://oer15.oerconf.org/sessions/open-science-happens-somewhere-exploring-the-use-of-science-oer-in-schools-726/

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