Heriot Watt Workshop: Thinking about Open

by Beck Pitt (OEPS project)

Yesterday Bea, Martin, Pete and I visited Heriot Watt University for the first of our Thinking About Open workshops. We had a great day with the Heriot Watt team exploring different facets of openness and sharing examples and experiences. A slide deck of activities is available on the OEPS project Slideshare account.

In the morning participants explored the concept of openness and examined different examples of open practice. We also utilised an adapted version of an activity Catherine Cronin had developed, which encourages people to reflect on their own practices and which generated some interesting discussion (thank you, Catherine!)  You can see some of the morning’s activity below. During the afternoon we looked at examples of where openness is making a real difference (including OpenStax College textbooks and the DigiLit project in Leicester) before finishing up with a look at Creative Commons licensing. There was a strong interest in MOOCs and discussion on the quality of OER, role of social media, intellectual property and copyright, how and what to share and why one should (or shouldn’t!) share material.

Martin also gave a great keynote presentation on his recent book The Battle for Open. You can revisit or watch the presentation:

A big thanks to Kathryn and Gill at Heriot Watt for making the workshop possible, and to all the participants.  Bea and I will be reflecting on our experiences of the workshop and reviewing feedback over the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you’d like us to come and visit your institution check out our Workshops page or email us!

About Beck Pitt

Open Education Researcher at The Open University (UK) and trained philosopher.

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