OER implementation strategy – draft 1.1

by Anna Page (OEPS project)

Cable Green of Creative Commons has issued an invitation to all groups exploring open educational resources (OER) and open educational practice to contribute to the OER implementation strategy. This follows multiple discussions with members of the international OER community at various OER events, including the 2015 Hewlett OER grantees meeting, OER15 conference and Open Ed Global 2015.

It is acknowledged that while the Cape Town and Paris Declarations encapsulate the vision of the OER movement and that good progress has been made expanding availability of OER content and increasing its use, OER has not yet entered mainstream education on a global scale and maybe it is time for a coordinated, collaborative strategy for implementing global adoption of OER. This is essentially what open education practice is about – how can we in our communities put OER into practice to benefit the whole community and beyond?

The discussions and the first draft of a proposed OER implementation strategy ask the following questions:

  1. Do we need a coordinated OER implementation strategy to take the OER movement forward?
  2. If so, do we have the opportunities right? What other opportunities are there?
  3. If not, do you see other ways in which those of us working on OER can collaborate better?

As Cable explains

“We are attempting to create a document that serves as a snapshot of the OER movement today, outlines opportunities, provides ideas and suggestions for action and collaboration, and serves as another marker document that will form a base for our future work. We also hope that this document, and the strategies within, will evolve as the conversation evolves to provide useful insight for both global coordination and local action.”
(Cable Green, email to openedsig@jiscmailac.uk, 18 June 2015)

All OER advocates are invited to share the document and hold conversations in our OER networks, at conferences, seminars and meetings, then contribute to the document so that it becomes “a useful foundation for effective strategy development”.

You can find the OER implementation strategy draft 1.1 at http://tinyurl.com/oerimplemetation (it is a google document and you need to have a google account to login and contribute, though anyone can view it). The OEPS project team are discussing it to contribute the open educational practice perspective and encourage you to do the same in your network. By offering your perspective and experience of using OER or encountering barriers to using it you will help make the document more grounded in actual open educational practice.

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