The Opening Educational Practices in Scotland project aims to facilitate best practice in open education in Scotland. It aims to enhance the capacity and reputation of the Scottish tertiary education sector in developing publicly available online materials supported by high quality pedagogy and learning technology.

This project provides an opportunity for the higher education sector in Scotland to build on its collaborative ethos and establish a support network for best practice and innovation in developing publicly available online resources.

OEPS aims to engage with the whole Scottish higher education sector and encourage partnership working with other organisations involved in the provision of formal education (such as colleges and schools) and with other sectors within Scotland and beyond.

The project encompasses a number of activities over a three year period (2014-2017):

  1. Analysis of current open educational practices
  2. Events programme across Scotland to raise awareness of OEP
  3. Development of an online hub to encourage and share best practice in open education
  4. Development of a small number of high quality OERs of particular benefit to Scotland
  5. Badging of informal learning
  6. Learning design for widening participation
  7. Research and evaluation building strong evidence base
  8. Evaluation of various economic models of openness


Read our welcome blog post ‘strengthening open educational practices in Scotland‘.

Download an overview of the aims of the project (August 2016).


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