Open Badge definition

The place of Open Educational Practice in the formal accredited curriculum is unclear. Are these open practices and content an extension of formal learning, a route into it, or do they discrete bits of learning (e.g CPD)?  Related to this is the question of how one recognises learning in the open.

While individual providers have developed their tailored solutions, and these are much debated, the Mozilla Foundation Open Badges Framework is being held up as having the potential to create a standardised framework to recognise open non accredited learning. For example, Borders College is using badges to recognise small amounts of learning often with partners, which add to the learners experience but do not fit neatly into the curriculum. The OU has a series of Badged Open Courses (BOCs) that recognise but do not accredit learning; their function is as a route into formal learning. However, credit-awarding bodies like the SQA are exploring how these might fit within accredited frameworks, and scope also exists through the Recognition of Prior Learning.

You can find our more about the Open Badges Initiative

Here are more details about what is happening in Borders College

A link to the SQA statement on Open Badges

Learn more about how the OU is using Badges at


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