‘The Promise of Open Education’ conference #BeOpen

About the event

The Promise of Open Education’ conference is the final event of the OEPS project and will mark the end of the project. However, it does not represent the end of the conversation on open educational practices in Scotland, hence the theme of the conference – ‘The Promise of Open Education’. The conference will look at where Scotland is living up to the promise of open education, and where there is more to be done to realise this potential and consider how to do this.


Whether you have never heard of open education, are just getting to grips with it, or are a seasoned open educational practitioner or OER user, you are warmly invited to attend and share your experiences of open education and to learn about what others are doing.

When: Monday 11th September

What time: 10pm-4pm (lunch provided)

Where: Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

See the agenda

Read the ‘Call for Posters

Book your place via Eventbrite or contact OEPScotland@gmail.com with any queries


Join the conversation

Can’t attend the event but want to get involved before, during or after it. Follow us on twitter @OEPScotland or #BeOpen. You can watch the conference online at:  https://www.pscp.tv/oepscotland 

Make a #BeOpen pledge or promote openness with a #BeOpen selfie – make your pledge or download selfie signs here.


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