Workshop for Union Learning Representatives

The aim of this free workshop is to introduce Union Learning Representatives in Scotland to how they can use open resources as part of their remit to support the engagement of their workplace colleagues with informal and formal learning opportunities. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their role and on methods for engaging their workmates and are introduced to a range of resources that have been developed to support their role. The workshop has been developed with Scottish Union Learning.

Outcomes for those attending

By the end of the workshop ULRs should:

  1. Be clear about their role (advice, support and facilitation not teaching)
  2. Have explored some simple models of supporting individuals and groups in the workplace.
  3. Have been introduced to the support available through the Scottish OEP Hub ULR community and signed up for the forum.

In addition they should:

  1. Be able to explain the differences and connections between informal and formal learning and give examples of each and what they offer.
  2. Understand the differences between OpenLearn, OpenLearnWorks and FutureLearn and what each offers them and their members.
  3. Be familiar with the idea of the new Badged Open Courses (BOCS) and the support offered through the Pathways to Learning pack.
  4. Have committed to studying the Badged OER ‘Open Learn: Learners Guide’ which is designed for people who have roles in supporting others into informal learning.

The workshop pack is available for reuse and licensed for revising, remixing and redistributing. Please share back how you’ve used it.


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