You can get involved

We’d love you to get involved in what we do.

  • Do you work in a college or university?
  • Do you or your organisation have an interest in education and widening participation?
  • Are you an Open Educational Practitioner?
  • Are you are entirely new to the world of OER and OEP?

Here are some of the ways that you can get involved in, and keep informed about, our project:


  • lead a workshop session at one of our forum events
  • share your thinking or experience of OEP by writing a blog article or case study
  • join the discussion by commenting on our blog and twitter posts
  • add your material to the OEP hub


  • come along to our advisory forums where you can learn about latest thinking and research in OEP, and share best practice
  • meet with us to explore the relevance of OEP to your organisation and the potential for working together on an OEP development
  • invite us to run an OEP workshop and explore its potential for your organisation
  • work with us to create an OEP development plan for your organisation
  • collaborate with us on a specific OEP project
  • follow us and get involved on twitter


  • about project news and plans
  • about OEP case studies
  • our blog articles and conference papers to learn what we’re discovering about OEP

If you’d like to get in touch with the team directly, email

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