Learning for Sustainability workshop

This workshop is delivered in partnership with Learning for Sustainability Scotland (LfS) on the 3rd of March 2017 at the University of Edinburgh. The purpose of the workshop is to explore the role of free open online learning material in supporting the work of Learning for Sustainability (LfS) practitioners in Scotland. The idea of the workshop arose out of a meeting in late 2016 which a range of LfS partners attended.

At the meeting we were all struck by the overlaps in our approaches to educational practice. On the surface there is a view that questions of sustainability and open education are questions about practice itself, and about changing practice. Our sense of educational practice as something social and situated, and then broader sense of values, a commitment to equity and social inclusion informed our both of our approaches at a deeper level.

The workshop provides an opportunity to share some experiences of working with free and open and our thoughts about those overlaps. However, most of the day will be given over to discussion and exploring the opportunities and challenges around free open online learning materials and to support learning for sustainable development


Read the notes from the Learning for Sustainability workshop

See the slides from the workshop



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