The project has a number of research focused outputs including mapping current practice of open educational practices (OEP) in Scotland; developing an evidence base of effective practice; and evaluating economic models of open practice.

Mapping current open educational practices

We have surveyed educators in universities and colleges across Scotland to identify awareness and use of open educational resources and practices.

Mapping of universities

In October-November 2015 we surveyed staff at 19 HE institutions. You can find a summary of findings, openly licensed infographic, report and more on the anonymised dataset in Awareness of OER and OEP in Scottish HE Institutions: Survey Results.

Mapping of colleges

We surveyed staff at 16 colleges during March 2016 and a summary of findings is available in Awareness of OER and OEP in Scottish Colleges – Survey Results.

We also discuss these findings in presentation at OER16 Awareness of OER and OEP in Scotland… 


Good practice case studies

We have produced case studies to capture the diversity of Scottish open educational practice by conducting interviews with individuals to discuss their institutional and organisational initiatives and/or open education projects. The case studies cover a wide range of topics including social justice, non-traditional learners, widening participation.

You can search for and review case studies on the OEPS Hub or the Opening Educational Practices in Scotland collection.

If you have an example you would like included in the hub please complete an OEPS good practice case study form.


OER world map

Working collaboratively with the Hewlett funded OER World Map project we are currently contributing examples of Scottish projects, initiatives and best practice case studies generated from our research. Data generated from workshop activity at the October 2014 OEPS Advisory Forum has also helped inform this process. You can add your own data or project to the OER world map.


Other research activities

The project is evaluating the business and economic models of openness based on the information collated throughout the duration of the project. This may include cost savings from OEP/OER, sustainable models of practice, the viability of OER and MOOCs and evaluating the impact and effectiveness of OER/OEP.

The project is collating examples of national and international experiences of open educational practice. Should you have an example which you wish to share please contact us at


Our published research can be found on the publications page.

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