Thinking About Open workshop

Thinking About Open is a half-day workshop exploring what openness and open educational practices are. The workshop aims to help instigate discussion at your organisation on how openness could make a difference to your own practices whilst acting as a springboard for further discussion on the practicalities of open practice. The workshop utilises a range of case studies and examples of openness to help facilitate discussion.

This workshop is aimed at anyone with an interest in finding out more about openness and how it can make a difference to their own practice.

A provisional schedule for the workshop:

Session Outcome Duration
Introduction &
What does openness mean to you?
Stimulate and document initial discussions around openness 30 minutes
What is open? Understanding of different aspects of openness through real life examples 30 minutes
Why and how can open make a difference? Understanding of openness in practice and barriers/challenges. Providing exploratory material/food for thought for afternoon session 30 minutes
Barriers to open Understanding possible challenges and solutions to being open 30 minutes
Exploring how open can make a difference to our practice An opportunity for group discussion around what kind of changes to practice and policy could be implemented and how this/these could occur 30 minutes
Round-up Assess and reflect on workshop activities. Takeaway points and resources. 15 minutes


The workshop pack is available for reuse and licensed for revising, remixing and redistributing. Please share back how you’ve used it.


Feedback on Thinking about Open Workshops

UWS Thinking about Open workshop (CC-BY 4.0 Beck Pitt)

“The ‘Thinking about Open’ session Beck and Bea facilitated for a range of UHI colleagues was both timely and excellent. It broadened and deepened the range of ways in which we could consider and approach open educational practice, and how an open ethos could be reflected in individual and collective practice within our own institutional context. We have already begun to further explore issues and ideas introduced during the workshop, and to identity practical and strategic next steps that we can take.”

Professor Keith Smyth, University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), Inverness (November 2016)

“Thought provoking…”

“Thank you! Great discussion. Need more of these debate sessions across institutions to unravel the ‘openness’ concept.”

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